#GivingTuesday 2022


#GivingTuesday is a global, non-profit movement that promotes solidarity between people, organizations, and companies. This year is celebrated on November 29, a day to share, to think about others, to act.

Giving Tuesday 2022

A day to give



What is the purpose of our projects?


CEF Can Mir's projects aim to make sports accessible to everyone. We understand sport as a generator of values and a tool for inclusion and teaching.

Any child, young person, or adult, regardless of their economic capacity, physical or intellectual diversity, gender, origin, or sporting skills, has the right to enjoy sports activity without any limit or barrier.


Help us to make our projects of diversity and inclusion, reception and integration, and development collaboration a reality.




These are our projects


Diversity and Inclusion

Sport for people with functional diversity is essential, it generates benefits in children, young people, and adults such as physical and mental well-being, assuming personal hygiene habits, knowing one's own body and providing tools to solve motor problems.

Sport also helps users interact with other people, generating a sense of belonging, and reinforces cooperation and camaraderie between athletes. Sport is a socializing agent among people with functional diversity.

Inclusive sport allows people, with or without disabilities, to practice sport together, adapting the tools for the full inclusion of everyone.


Reception and integration

Many children and young people leave their countries to find a better future, help their families or flee from dictatorships and conflicts. From their arrival it is necessary to help them to integrate into the society that welcomes them.

Sport, and especially football, is a powerful tool that helps them to acquire patterns of behavior, socialization, language learning, or cultural values that they must incorporate. It is also a motivating element that generates a lot of happiness and self-esteem.


Development collaboration

Many countries of the world suffer from great deficiencies and imbalances that prevent many of their citizens from living with dignity. We feel the obligation to try to help reverse many situations and shortcomings that they suffer.

Our collaboration in the village of Bouloukounda (Senegal) facilitates and encourages children and young people to enjoy football in conditions and greater projection, and other actions developed are improving the educational and health resources of the village.



How can I help?


You can make a one-off, monthly, or quarterly donation for the amount you choose and whenever you want.

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