Together we keep Johan's social legacy alive!


On June 14, the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Johan Cruyff Foundation took place at the Caixa Forum in Barcelona.

Together we keep Johan's social legacy alive!

The event, in which the directors of CEF Can Mir and members of the "motor group" of the Foundation, Jordi Peiró and Xavi Mas, participated, highlighted the eternal figure of Johan Cruyff and his spirit and philosophy of social justice. It also made clear the immeasurable work carried out by the Foundation and the achievements achieved over these 25 years to make sport accessible to all. In these 25 years of travel, the Johan Cruyff Foundation is making Johan's dreams come true with concrete actions:

The Cruyff Courts, football fields that are spaces to promote social cohesion in the neighborhoods; a meeting place for boys and girls to know the importance of making union, friendship, discover their talents, or learn to win or lose.

Currently there are almost 300 spaces around the world, where more than 65,000 children participate every week, developing more than 696 weekly activities.

The Pati14, which has turned outdoor games as a school subject and allowed to turn the playgrounds of educational centers into attractive games to play. More than 90,000 children play daily, and there are 400 schools with Patio14 in three countries.

As for adapted sport, more than 50,000 children with disabilities are insport every week in 40 Cruyff Courts Especials and 81 in special education centres.

All this apart from the support that the Foundation gives to many entities that work every day, in different sports specialties, to make them accessible to all. These data are revealing of the magnitude of the Foundation's project, which develops with facts the philosophy and vision of the Johan on life and society, a vision that we share from our entity and try to apply every day with our modesty. We attach a video that records the values of this great person and sports and social reference, and the work carried out by the Johan Cruyff Foundation.

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