Second meeting of Erasmus + in Bresso (Italy), a success of work and sport


From Friday to Sunday second edition of BRACE (Breaking barriers to migrant social integration through football) took place in the city of Bresso, next to Milan; a conference that reinforces this great social and sports project of European character.

Second meeting of Erasmus + in Bresso (Italy), a success of work and sport

These sessions in Bresso served to know the different points of view on integration through sport developed by the four entities that collaborate, and that has been working since the first meeting held in Machelen (Belgium) in November, collecting information, lines of work, methodologies and experiences.

In these days we had the opportunity to know specifically work carried out by AS Bresso4, its experiences in the field of social integration of young people welcomed and context in which they work.

We leave very identified with the work done by Italian colleagues, similar in many aspects with that carried out by Can Mir Football School Club in our city. Also because we are going to feel at home.

Positive elements implied by the relationship of  young people welcomed with community to which they belong, educational elements that are transmitted, favoring of coexistence,  importance of labor inclusion, as well as value provided by multicultural interrelation were analyzed.

As for the sports section, CEF Can Mir team was proclaimed champion of the friendly football tournament that was organized.

In first match that was played, against KSC Machelen,  Rubinenses beat Belgian team in penalty shootout, and in final they won against Bresso4 team by 0 goals to 1.

ERASMUS+ BRACE project is consolidating day by day, and will possibly take on relevant dimensions that will make it a tool of great magnitude.

This issue could imply, if approved again by the European Union, the expansion of the number of countries that could participate and incorporate new migratory realities implied by armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

It will also involve participation of other international bodies such as UEFA, which have a lot of influence and level of decision to make  full practice of football a reality for all.

Next meeting will be in Lisbon at the beginning of May, and this first edition of the project will end in Rubí at the beginning of July 2023.

At this milestone, CEF Can Mir will have opportunity to explain first-hand its project and experiences. It will also serve as a litmus test to demonstrate that our entity is capable of organizing important events and highlighting the name of our city.

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