Rubí will host last session of ERASMUS+ BRACE project on July 7, 8 and 9


Our city, which leads European Union's BRACE (Breaking barriers to migrant social integration through football) project, will host last meeting on 7, 8 and 9 July.

Rubí will host last session of ERASMUS+ BRACE project on July 7, 8 and 9

#CEFCanMir Jornades UE-BRACE #BrqceProject 2023
#CEFCanMir Jornades UE-BRACE #BrqceProject 2023

In these days, organized by Club Escola de Futbol Can Mir and City Council of Rubí, we will be visited by delegations of participating partners:  KCS Machelen club from Belgium, the Associazione Sportiva Bresso 4 from Italy and  Instituto Superior de Gestao from Portugal.

Work of  previous session was carried out in Lisbon (Portugal) last May; and in the one that will take place  in our city, Club Escola de Futbol Can Mir will explain its work since 2019 and  work  carried out to facilitate access to sports activity for young people welcomed and refugees in our region,  as well as the value of football to promote  integration of newcomers into our society.

For our entity and for the City Council of Rubí this will be a good opportunity to explain experience of this project in our city and for our visitors to know work we do in this area, as well as to know context of migratory phenomenon, our culture and our environment.

Central day of meeting will be Saturday, July 8, and will feature in the morning a meeting of delegations and specialists in field, as well as guests with those working in this field.

This event will take place at Museum of Rubí. In this space there will also be a round table of young people welcomed from different countries where they will explain their experiences that will then be transferred to all participants.

In the afternoon sports part will take place, which will take place at UE Rubí field, and will begin with football matches of teams with functional diversity and will end with a match between CEF Can Mir team and a national team from different countries.

With these sessions, the first phase of BRACE will end, which will end with first conclusions of working groups.

City Council of Rubí is working so that project has continuity and a new proposal has already been presented to European Union, which would involve  incorporation of more cities and new agents such as UEFA, with  aim of outlining a "white paper" with collection of experiences and conclusions of new countries that can be incorporated.

CEF Can Mir and the City Council of Rubí are working to make these conferences that will take place in our city a success of participation and content.

Also to place Rubí on the map in this area and that attendees value and enjoy our city.