First sessions of ERASMUS+ organised in Belgium conclude


From Friday to Sunday took place in Machelen and Brussels (Belgium) the meeting and the work of the different agents that make up the BRACE project of ERASMUS +.

First sessions of ERASMUS+ organised in Belgium conclude

Working days have been quite positive to share the different realities of the clubs and institutions that are part of this working group (Club Escola de Fútbol Can Mir de Rubí, KCS Machelen club of Belgium, Associazione Sportiva Bresso 4 of Italy, Instituto Superior de Gestao of Portugal and  City Council of Rubí).

In these first sessions, the project developed by the KCS Machelen of Belgium has been the protagonist, as will be those of the different clubs when they visit their countries.

As we indicated in other publications, objectives of the BRACE project are to develop a project for the social integration of young immigrants through football; that will finally become a "white book", will transfer proposals for regulatory changes to the bodies of the European Union, as well as the different countries and sports federations, and will imply the future incorporation of new agents from other European states.

Although the exchange of experiences has been very important, the exchange of experiences of the players from the different countries who have participated doing what they like most, playing football; It has generated a spirit of brotherhood among young people of course.

Also, the opportunity to share with the representatives of the City Council of Rubí the journey made by the CEF Can Mir for years in the field of reception and integration, was a very positive element and that will allow us to host with a good level the closing meeting of this first stage of ERASMUS +, which will take place at the end of June in our city.

We want to thank the delegation of CEF Can Mir (formed by representatives of Club, professionals of the shelters with which we collaborate, and the players who have accompanied us), the work done and the good atmosphere and the companionship that has been always lived.  Also, to institutional representatives of the City Council, and especially work done by the professionals of Promotion of the City and the collaborators who have welcomed and accompanied us at all times.