CEF Can Mir will participate in first day of inclusive women's football


Event will take place in Mataró and will feature 41 players participating in WeLeague7, a competition organized by the FEDAMAR Foundation

CEF Can Mir will participate in first day of inclusive women's football

Weleague7 is the only regulated football 7 league for players and plays with any kind of functional diversity. It began 4 years ago at the initiative of  14 clubs in Córdoba with  intention  of organizing stable leagues in absence of other similar resources.

From first moment, and with support of FEDAMAR Foundation (Federation of Adapted Sports of Alt Maresme), which is responsible for  direction and organization of  competition, competitions have been consolidated and expanded. That first year we were only 6 teams in first division and 8 in  second, and CEF Can Mir was proclaimed champion of the second division.

Currently the Weleague7, unique in Catalonia and pioneer in Spain, has 36 teams and more than 200 players distributed in 4 divisions.  CEF Can Mir participates with 4 teams; one in second, one in third and two in fourth division.

In  face of the "International Women's Day" a new initiative has been organized, pioneer in the Spanish state: the first women's match of players with functional diversity, with  the spirit and will to give visibility to our collective and of which the players of the different clubs that participate in the FEDAMAR leagues will be protagonists.

In this football match 11 will participate 41 players with functional diversity of the teams that are currently competing in the Weleague7, in the four categories, such as: Adi gsa Gava, Arquera Mataró, CA Garrotxa, Catalonia Cerdanyola FC, CE Anoia, CE Sabadell, FB Montcada, PB Sant Vicenç dels Horts,  Terrassa FC LaFact, UD Viladecans, UE Cornellà,   UE Sitges, FC Vilafranca and CEF Can Mir.

On bench of two teams will be coaches of participating teams and Catalan Football Federation will also be present through Colegio de Águilasres.

This initiative, as we have said, has never been done in Spanish and we want it to have the success and impact it deserves,  and more on a day as marked as March 8, with the aim that it can be consolidated over the next few years.

Conference will take place in Mataró, at facilities of the Municipal Field of Cerdanyola, on Sunday , March 12, 11.  15h to 13. 45h.