CEF Can Mir participates in the second meeting of Erasmus +, to be held in Bresso (Italy)


On Friday, February 3, a delegation of Club will travel to Milan to participate in the second session of BRACE (Breaking barriers to migrant social integration through football), a project that has the support of European Union.

CEF Can Mir  participates in the second meeting of Erasmus +, to be held in Bresso (Italy)


BRACE initiative continues on its way. This new meeting will be attended by representatives of the City Council of Rubí, Club Escuela de Fútbol Can Mir of Rubí, KCS Machelen club of Belgium, Associazione Sportiva Bresso 4 of Italy and Instituto Superior de Gestao of Portugal.

Work on previous day was carried out in Machelen (Belgium), and this will take place between February 3 and 5 in Bresso (Italy, next to Milan).

Since last trip, working group organized by different partners has been providing and collecting information on context in each country to favor sports practice of these young people, limitations of all kinds with which they encounter, benefits of practicing sports, and experience of each of the clubs.

Our Club has also recently participated in a telematic meeting where UEFA participated; One of the actors on whom some changes depend that allow the full sports practice of this group.

As we indicated in a previous news, the intention is that with the final conclusions a "manual of good practices" is developed, establish collaboration agreements with other European entities, know experiences of entities in different countries, prepare proposals that will be presented to European Parliament, and favor the improvement of work of professionals who work with migrants and minors themselves.

Participating on behalf of CEF Can Mir will be president, Jordi Peiró and social vice president, Xavi Mas; integration professionals and shelters, sports and social technicians of CEF Can Mir, as well as players who participate in our Club.