CEF Can Mir participates in the first meeting of Erasmus +, which will take place in Machelen (Belgium)


On Friday, November 4, a delegation of the Club will travel to Belgium to participate in the BRACE (Breaking barriers to migrant social integration through football), a project funded by the European Union.

CEF Can Mir participates in the first meeting of Erasmus +, which will take place in Machelen (Belgium)

BRACE initiative is led by the City Council of Rubí, with the support of the European Union, and will involve four other partners: Club Escola de Futbol Can Mir de Rubí, KCS Machelen club from Belgium,  Associazione Sportiva Bresso 4 from Italy (the three football clubs), and Instituto Superior de Gestao from Portugal.

The objective of BRACE is to develop a project of social integration of young immigrants through football. The project aims to contribute to breaking down barriers that prevent immigrants from living a normal life in Europe and avoid situations of exclusion.

Since 2019, Rubí entity has been working on an integration project with minors from different reception organizations, both in Rubí and in the province of Barcelona. This pioneering project not only has the recognition of different public and private institutions in the country, it has also allowed through the candidacy of the City Council of Rubí to have European significance.

The aim is that with its final conclusions a "manual of good practices" will be developed, establish collaboration agreements with other European entities, know the experiences of the entities in the different countries, prepare proposals that will be presented to the European Parliament, and favor the improvement of the work of professionals who work with migrants and minors themselves.

The stay, which will be from November 4 to 6, will include seminars on the experiences of KCS Machelen of Belgium and the analysis between the different partners and clubs of how football favors integration, discuss the methodology of t ISG (Instituto Superior de Gestao) of Portugal, the bases of coordination between the different partners, and the realization of football matches with young people from different countries who will also have the opportunity to  exchange experiences.

Participating on behalf of CEF Can Mir will be the president, Jordi Peiró, and the social vice president, Xavi Mas; integration professionals and foster homes, as well as players who have participated with our Club. A political and technical delegation from the City Council of Rubí, as well as the other participating partners, will also attend.