Bouloukounda's project, first classified in FCF Solidarity Awards


CEF Can Mir received this recognition on February 23 at gala held by the Fundació Catalana de Futbol in Barcelona.

Bouloukounda's project, first classified in FCF Solidarity Awards

El project e de Bouloukounda, primer classificat als Premis Solidaris de la FCF #CEFCanMir 2023
El project e de Bouloukounda, primer classificat als Premis Solidaris de la FCF #CEFCanMir 2023

As we have reported in recent days, Club Escola de Futbol Can Mir was awarded in the 6th edition of the Solidarity Awards in the category of International Projection, organized by the Catalan Football Foundation at the Old Estrella Damm Factory in the city of Barcelona.

The project launched by Club in 2019 in Bouloukounda (Senegal) has favored the practice of football for children and young people in the village, providing sports equipment and kits, adapting the land ceded by Mayor Dramé, training coaches, and creating teams in the different categories.

This first project allowed us to know the needs of the village and to launch other basic service initiatives: the improvement of the equipment and furniture of the school, as well as its computerization; establish a small first aid health center, the installation of solar panels, or a generator to supply electricity, among others.

Next October our volunteers will travel again to Bouloukounda to reinforce existing projects and to promote new ones.

We want this news to emphasize the people who have made this project possible, and who are the direct deserving of this award and recognition.

First of all to our volunteers. To the person in charge of the Club's social projects and Vice-President, Xavi Mas, Rous, Ariadna, Xavi and Oriol, who lived the experience intensely from the emotional side, away from their families, with their dedication and wonderful relationship with people, and making a significant economic effort on a personal level.

To friend Mbanding, who is the Club's ambassador and guarantees in person or in coordination with the people of Bouloukounda day-to-day operation of projects.

To volunteers from Rubí who helped prepare each trip, and especially to the colleague and friend Cayetano who is no longer with us.

To Mayor Baoussou Dramé, for his collaboration and flattering attitude to carry out the different actions, as well as the cession of the playing field dedicated to the sports practice of the children and young people of Bouloukounda.

To our village collaborators; Camáara, Sidibie, Diouf, different Saïbo's, Ouchenou, Dembo, Kedian, Bourahima, Bayila, for the work they do every day.

To people of Bouloukounda, to women, to children, and to the village in general for the appreciation they showed at all times, and every endearing second that allowed our volunteers to live with an overflowing intensity and emotion.

Also to the people who have made financial donations and contributions of clothing and sports equipment, as well as machinery and computer equipment, elements that have made it possible for the project to go ahead and place Bouloukounda more on the map of their region.

It should be remembered that during this time this project has not had any institutional support in terms of basic economic means and resources, and that historically the practical conditions for accessing international cooperation funds in our city were aimed at large operators and not for modest entities like ours. Fortunately, this criterion is changing, a fact that must be recognized by those responsible.

An element that has left us very disappointed at such an important time for our Club is that no person in charge, neither political nor technical of Sports service, has approached our entity to convey their congratulations and recognition for the award or for the work we do favoring sport, and more specifically football for everyone beyond borders; and above all, that they do not share the pride that a Rubin entity bears the name of Rubí beyond the city and the country.

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