A new season full of great projects begins


On Monday, the sports activity of CEF Can Mir begins with very good expectations and great future projects that will begin to become a reality.
Season 2022.2023 #AmuntCEFCanMir

A new season full of great projects begins

#AmuntCEFCanMir  Season 2022-2023
#AmuntCEFCanMir Season 2022-2023

This new season will become a reality very projects that we have worked on in recent years and will mean a historic moment for a modest entity that was created 26 years ago and that has had to "chop a lot of stone" to get to the point where we are.

As for sporting aspect, although the growth in the number of teams began last season, we will currently start this new stage with 15 teams. We practically have teams in almost all categories, a fact that has never happened in our Club and that we think will be a trend that will continue for the next few years.

In addition to the 10 existing teams the previous season, this one will debut two more Senior futsal teams that will play in the 3rd. Division of FCF, a new Senior team of functional diversity of football 7 that will play in the 3rd. Division of  WeLeague 7, a new Alevín futsal team that will play CEVOT league, and a Veteran 7-a-side football team that will participate in Valldor competition.

On the other hand, from September the Erasmus+ Sport BRACE Project (Breaking baRriers to migrAnt soCial intEgration through football) will begin, a European sports project led by the City Council of Rubí and our entity, which will allow sports exchanges, experiences and good practices on reception and sport, with three more teams from the European Union of Belgium (KAS Machelen),   Italy (Associazione Sportiva Bresso 4) and Portugal (Instituto Superior de Gestao). The project will end in Rubí during the month of June 2023.

Another project will begin to make the dream of our entity come true: the start of the works to improve the facilities of Can Mir Sports Zone with the construction of a covered pavilion, where  futsal court is now located. The space will have to accommodate other sports disciplines and will also have to incorporate the proposals for improvement that we are making from the Club.

This will be the first step to make some equipment that will have in the medium term a football field 11 grass, 4 paddle tennis courts and a building that will be a social and civic reference in the urbanizations of Rubí and that will have a Citizen Attention Office that will be able to serve the neighbors of the urbanizations of our district.

Total of this project is valued at 4 million euros and will be carried out in phases. We believe that a space of 22,500 square meters can also incorporate other elements of a natural, sports, social and leisure nature.

An area that will also experience significant growth are projects of a social nature and international cooperation that we have been carrying out for a few years. Projects in Bouloukounda (Senegal) will have a new impetus in January 2023.

Making it possible for young people to access sport will possibly expand the scope of action to other cities in Vallès that are committed to our project, and the inclusive task will have a new impetus with the collaboration of the Johan Cruyff Foundation and other entities in the country.

A very important aspect is the work of adapting the internal structure of our entity to the growth that we are experiencing and that we will live in the coming years.

We are in a phase of incorporation of new specialists, collaborators, volunteers and people who will help us improve management to be able to give a better service and carry out more activities for everyone. Also of creation of protocols and procedures that will rationalize and improve our organization in this new stage.

The great challenge will be to increase our economic capacity to be able to finance many activities, existing and new, and we will work so that there is more equity and sensitivity in the support of the administrations, expand private collaboration, and promote figures such as the Collaborating Partner that will allow many people who support us and value our work positively,   help us to make it viable and with future projection.

All these realities will always be accompanied, with more force, by our philosophy as an entity, the willingness to make sport and #FutbolPerATothom accessible and without any barrier or limit, to combat injustices and work for a better society, to collaborate and support other initiatives that go in that direction; and to be an active agent of these values in our territory.

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