Who are we?

Can Mir Football School Club is a non-profit organization in Rubí (Barcelona) and supported by volunteering that, through sport, promotes values, inclusion, equality, welcoming, integration and international cooperation.

What do we do?

Our task is to promote access and practice of sports activity.

Also as a philosophy to work so that no person, regardless of their physical, intellectual, social, economic or origin condition encounters barriers that limit the possibility of practicing sport, football in our case.

We believe that sports world must have a firm commitment to improve our society; Therefore, the transmission of values such as respect, companionship, responsibility, collective feeling or sharing a common project, among others, are fundamental elements to improve relationship between people and contribute to making a more just and civic society.

How do we do it?

CEF Can Mir, despite being a modest and austere entity, allocates its means and human and economic resources to make football accessible to people with functional diversity or diverse abilities, refugees or exiles, or migrants seeking a better life.

It also works in international cooperation, providing sports resources and helping to develop essential services for people and groups (education, health and basic infrastructure).

As for grassroots sport, we shy away from competitiveness and track record, offering same opportunities to footballers so that they can enjoy the activity, regardless of their level or strictly sporting technical knowledge.

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CEF Can Mir

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